Watch Wicked City TV Show Review

Urban Witches: Unleashing Dark Powers

Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Drama  United States of America 

Wicked City is a supernatural drama series that follows a group of young witches who reside in modern-day Los Angeles. The women are bound together by their shared powers and their desire to use their abilities for good. However, as they delve deeper into their craft and uncover dark secrets about their pasts, they attract dangerous enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy them.

The show features a diverse cast of characters, including a powerful and somewhat reckless coven leader named Scarlett, a talented psychic named Evie, a shy and mysterious newcomer called Grace, and a pragmatic therapist named Dr. Odessa. Together, they must navigate the dangers of their newfound powers while protecting the innocent people of their city.

Throughout the series, the witches face off against a variety of foes, including rival covens, demons, and other dark supernatural entities. Along the way, they discover that there are even darker, more powerful forces at work that threaten the very fabric of reality itself.

As the stakes get higher, the witches must decide just how far they are willing to go to protect themselves and those they love. With each new challenge, they must harness their powers and push themselves to new heights, even as they uncover the dark secrets that threaten to undo them all.

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