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The Divorced Guys: Solving Relationship Problems and Moving On

N/A  Hungary 

As Bálint, Joci, and Dávid navigate their new lives as freshly divorced men, they find themselves relying on each other for support and advice. Bálint struggles to come to terms with the end of his marriage and the impact it has had on his relationship with his children. Joci, on the other hand, finds himself torn between his loyalty to his ex-girlfriend Szonja and his growing feelings for a new woman he meets at a bar. Dávid, determined to win back his wife Tamara, enlists the help of his friends in planning romantic gestures and surprises.

Throughout the series, the three men bond over their shared experiences and offer each other valuable insights into love and relationships. As they navigate the ups and downs of dating and trying to win back their exes, they also confront their own flaws and shortcomings. Ultimately, Válótársak explores the complexities of modern relationships, the importance of friendship, and the quest for happiness and fulfillment in the face of heartbreak.


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