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Passionate Hearts: A Tale of True Love

N/A  Mexico 

Amores Verdaderos follows the story of Victoria Balvanera, a successful businesswoman, and Jose Angel Arriaga, a bodyguard hired to protect her. Despite their different social statuses, Victoria and Jose Angel fall in love and must navigate obstacles including Victoria's controlling mother, a manipulative ex-boyfriend, and Jose Angel's troubled past.

As their love blossoms, they face constant challenges and betrayals from those around them. Victoria's ex-boyfriend, Nelson, continually tries to sabotage their relationship, while Victoria's mother, Beatriz, disapproves of Jose Angel due to his lower social status. Meanwhile, Jose Angel's past comes back to haunt him when his former lover, Kendra, reappears and tries to win him back.

Throughout the series, Victoria and Jose Angel must fight to overcome these obstacles and prove that their love is true. Despite facing numerous challenges, they remain committed to each other and ultimately find true happiness together.


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