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Action & Adventure  United States of America  2024

Casts: Christian Slater,Jack Dylan Grazer,Lyon Daniels,Noah Cottrell,Joy Bryant

Sure! Here are more plot details for The Spiderwick Chronicles:

After the Grace Family - consisting of Jared, his twin brother Simon, their older sister Mallory, and their mother Helen - moves from bustling New York City to the quiet town of New England, they settle into their ancestral home, the Spiderwick Estate. As they start to explore their new surroundings, strange occurrences begin to take place.

Jared, who is curious and adventurous, stumbles upon a hidden study in the attic of the house that belonged to their great grandfather, Arthur Spiderwick. Inside, he discovers a mysterious field guide filled with information on magical creatures and the unseen world around them. The field guide warns of the dangerous faerie creatures that inhabit the estate and the need to protect it.

Against his siblings' skepticism, Jared starts investigating further and encounters a mischievous house brownie named Thimbletack, who becomes his ally in navigating the hidden world. Meanwhile, Simon delves into his passion for animals, focusing on wounded creatures he finds in the forest behind their house.

As the family delves deeper into the mysteries of the estate, they encounter various magical creatures like goblins, trolls, and sprites. They soon realize that the faerie creatures, led by the evil ogre Mulgarath, want to obtain the field guide to gain power over all magical creatures and the human world. It becomes their mission to protect the field guide and prevent Mulgarath from getting his hands on it.

With Mallory's exceptional sword-fighting skills and Jared's courage, determination, and resourcefulness, the Grace Family fights against hordes of faerie creatures, including Mulgarath's loyal goblin army. Along the way, they befriend an eccentric, kind-hearted creature named Hogsqueal, who proves to be a valuable addition to their team.

As the battle intensifies, the family realizes that the only way to truly defeat Mulgarath and save their home is to destroy the field guide, as it is the source of his power. With the help of their newfound magical allies, the Grace Family embarks on a dangerous quest to protect their family, their home, and the magical world they have discovered.

In the climactic showdown, the Grace Family faces off against Mulgarath and his army in a battle that determines the fate of their world. Through teamwork, bravery, and unexpected sacrifices, they ultimately triumph over evil, ensuring the safety of not only their family but also the magical beings that coexist with them.

With their adventures coming to an end, the Grace Family bids farewell to the magical world and settles into their new life, forever changed by their extraordinary experiences at the Spiderwick Estate.

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