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Drama,Crime  Finland,Spain  2020

Casts: Alina Tomnikov,Óscar Zafra,Fran Perea,Lidia Nené,Carl-Kristian Rundman

The Paradise follows Detective Hilkka Mäntymäki as she arrives in Fuengirola to assist in solving two murders that have shocked the close-knit Finnish community. As she delves deeper into the investigation, she discovers that the victims were both connected to a popular nightclub in town, run by a charismatic and enigmatic figure named Kari Kähkönen.

Hilkka's arrival also stirs up tensions within the community, as some residents are suspicious of her presence and fear that she may uncover their own secrets. As more bodies turn up, Hilkka must navigate the complex web of relationships and rivalries in Fuengirola to uncover the truth behind the murders.

Meanwhile, Hilkka's own troubled past comes back to haunt her, as she grapples with personal demons and struggles to maintain her professionalism in the face of mounting pressure. As the investigation intensifies, Hilkka must confront her own past traumas and face the truth about the dark underbelly of the seemingly idyllic paradise that is Fuengirola.

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