Watch The Love of the Immortal TV Show on Android

Immortal Love: The Emperor's Reincarnated Essence

Drama  China 

As Han Mu and Xuan Li continue to cultivate and grow stronger, they face many challenges and obstacles in their path. The Demon King, who has been biding his time and gathering his strength, begins to make his move to seek revenge on the Emperor God and Han Mu.

As the threat of the Demon King looms closer, Han Mu and Xuan Li must make difficult choices and sacrifices to protect not only themselves but also the mortal realm from certain destruction. Along the way, they meet allies and enemies, uncover secrets about their own pasts, and discover the true extent of their powers.

As the final showdown with the Demon King approaches, Han Mu and Xuan Li must rely on their bond and love for each other to overcome the greatest challenge of their lives. Will they be able to defeat the Demon King and ensure peace and balance in the immortal realm? Watch the Love of the Immortal to find out.

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