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Love's Threefold Test of Memory

Drama  China 

Sure! Throughout the series, Gu Xin Tian navigates the challenges of balancing her relationships with the three men while also trying to piece together her lost memories. As she spends time with each of them, she begins to uncover different aspects of her past self and starts to question the choices she made before the accident.

Ying Yu Cheng, the CEO of the company, is portrayed as a suave and successful businessman who is used to getting what he wants. Despite his confident exterior, Gu Xin Tian slowly discovers his vulnerable side and begins to see a different side of him beyond the workplace.

Han Qian Yu, the director of the company, is depicted as a more reserved and introverted character. He is protective of Gu Xin Tian and cares deeply for her well-being, which leads to a deeper emotional connection between them as she opens up about her struggles with memory loss.

Chen Xing Chuan, the intern, adds a refreshing and carefree dynamic to Gu Xin Tian's life. His playful and spontaneous nature brings out a different side of her, and their relationship starts off as a fun and lighthearted romance.

As Gu Xin Tian delves deeper into her relationships with the three men, she starts to reflect on her past choices and actions, leading to personal growth and emotional development. Ultimately, she must make a decision about which man she truly loves and wants to be with, while also uncovering the truth about her lost memories and moving forward with her life.

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