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The Ruthless Rise to Power

Drama  South Korea 

As Kang In Ha and Han Tae Oh grow older, they relentlessly pursue their goal of becoming the successors of the Kang Oh Group. In Ha uses his charm to get closer to his father, Chairman Kang, while Tae Oh focuses on his education and intellectual prowess to gain recognition within the company.

Meanwhile, an ambitious and cunning woman named Lee Ji Soo enters their lives. She comes from a troubled background, much like In Ha, and is determined to carve out her own success. Ji Soo discovers the duo's plan and sees an opportunity to further her own ambitions. She becomes a formidable rival, using her intelligence and strategic maneuvers to outsmart both In Ha and Tae Oh.

As the power struggle intensifies, secrets from the past begin to surface, threatening to unravel their carefully crafted schemes. In Ha starts to question his loyalty towards his father and the company, realizing the impact his actions may have on innocent people. Tae Oh, who has always been the mastermind behind their plans, finds himself torn between his friendship with In Ha and his desire for power and wealth.

The trio's complex relationships and personal lives become entangled, creating a web of deceit, betrayal, and manipulation. In their pursuit of success, they must confront their own past demons and face the consequences of their actions. As the drama unfolds, The Impossible Heir explores themes of ambition, loyalty, and the delicate nature of personal relationships in a cutthroat corporate world.

Along the way, the story also delves into the dark underbelly of the Korean conglomerate culture, exposing the corruption, scandals, and power struggles that can occur within such powerful entities. The characters must navigate through these challenges, making difficult choices that will ultimately determine their fate and the direction of the Kang Oh Group.

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