Watch The Hospital TV Show Complete Series

Intense Power Struggles Unfold in The Hospital Drama

Drama  Taiwan 

The Hospital follows the story of Dr. Weng (played by Jerry Yan), a talented and ambitious surgeon who is determined to climb the ranks and become the head of surgery at the prestigious university hospital. However, Dr. Weng faces numerous challenges and obstacles in his path, including fierce competition from his colleagues, internal politics within the hospital, and personal conflicts.

As Dr. Weng navigates his way through the complex and cutthroat world of the hospital, he forms close relationships with his fellow doctors and nurses, including Dr. Lin (Leon Dai), a talented but troubled surgeon, Nurse Xu (Janine Chang), a compassionate and dedicated nurse, and Dr. Liang (Zhang Guozhu), a senior doctor who becomes Dr. Weng's mentor.

The series delves into the personal and professional lives of the characters, exploring themes of friendship, betrayal, love, and sacrifice. As the characters face life and death situations in the operating room, they are forced to confront their own fears, insecurities, and ethical dilemmas.

Throughout the series, Dr. Weng must navigate the challenges of balancing his professional ambitions with his personal relationships, as well as confronting his own flaws and shortcomings. The Hospital explores the complexities of the medical profession, the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by doctors and nurses, and the power dynamics within a hospital setting.


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