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The Unstoppable Salesman: Honest Deals, Wicked Challenges

Drama,Comedy  Japan 

As the top salesperson at the real estate agency, Nagase Saichi is known for his unwavering honesty and integrity. However, his inability to lie often puts him in difficult situations, especially when dealing with tricky clients or situations. Despite this, his genuine approach and sincere concern for his clients have earned him a loyal following and a stellar reputation in the industry.

Throughout the series, Nagase faces various challenges that test his honesty and integrity, from uncovering unethical practices within the agency to navigating complex and high-stakes negotiations. Along the way, he forms unlikely alliances with colleagues who share his values and principles, as well as confronts rivals who are willing to bend the rules to get ahead.

As Nagase strives to make a difference in the cutthroat world of real estate, he must also navigate personal struggles and relationships that are complicated by his commitment to honesty. Whether he is confronting his own moral dilemmas or standing up for what is right, Nagase's unwavering dedication to honesty ultimately proves to be his greatest strength and sets him apart as a real estate agent like no other.

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