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The Architectural Dream Team: A Tale of Beauty and Talent

Comedy  China 

As Princess Chen Lang Yue joins the Muyu team, she quickly proves her skills and talent in architecture, earning the respect of her male peers. Li Qing Feng, the leader of the team, is initially skeptical of her presence but soon recognizes her capabilities and intelligence. The team faces various challenges and obstacles as they work on different projects, including conflicts with corrupt officials who try to sabotage their work.

As Princess Chen Lang Yue becomes more involved in the day-to-day operations of the team, she forms close bonds with her fellow craftsmen, particularly Li Qing Feng and Luo Ye. She also begins to question her privileged upbringing and the restrictions placed on her as a royal princess. Meanwhile, Li Qing Feng struggles with his own inner demons and insecurities, especially regarding his past and his feelings for Princess Chen Lang Yue.

As the Muyu team continues to create stunning architecture and gain recognition for their work, they also navigate personal relationships, betrayals, and scandals that threaten to tear them apart. Throughout it all, Princess Chen Lang Yue, Li Qing Feng, and the rest of the team must learn to trust each other, overcome their differences, and work together to achieve their shared goals.

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