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Unraveling the Mysteries of Taskmaster: Behind the Tasks

Comedy  United Kingdom 

Taskmasterclass is a companion show to the popular comedy game show Taskmaster, hosted by Greg Davies and Little Alex Horne. In each episode, Greg and Alex delve into the inner workings of the tasks set for the contestants on Taskmaster, analyzing the strategies, creativity, and humor displayed by the participants.

With the help of archive footage from past episodes featuring a variety of comedians and celebrities, Greg and Alex break down the different tasks and discuss the thought processes behind the contestants' approach to each challenge. They also explore the dynamics between the contestants and how their personalities shine through in their task performances.

Throughout the series, Greg and Alex provide insights and behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the filming of Taskmaster, giving viewers a deeper understanding of the show's unique format and the creative process behind the tasks. The show aims to entertain and inform fans of Taskmaster while offering a fresh perspective on the beloved comedy game show.

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