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Sci-Fi & Fantasy  China  2024

Casts: Wang Jinsong,Hu Yi Xuan,Yang Yutong,Li Chuan,Yang Kun

As Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling'er continue their journey to find the Water Spiritual Bead, they encounter various obstacles and adversaries. They come across a mysterious sect known as the "Four Mysteries," led by Mo Shanshan, who possesses immense power. Mo Shanshan is also in search of the Water Spiritual Bead, but with evil intentions.

During their search, Li Xiaoyao discovers that he has a special ability called the "Sky Eye," which allows him to see through disguises and illusions. This power becomes crucial in helping the group navigate through dangerous situations and uncover the truth about the quest for the spiritual bead.

Along the way, they encounter the Emei Sect, a group of skilled martial artists who are also looking for the Water Spiritual Bead. The Emei Sect is led by the powerful and enigmatic Emei Fairy, Baiyue, who initially opposes Li Xiaoyao and his group but eventually becomes their ally.

As their journey progresses, Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling'er grow closer and develop romantic feelings for each other. However, their relationship faces several challenges and misunderstandings, including Ling'er's uncertain origins and Li Xiaoyao's innate rebelliousness.

The group also discovers the existence of an ancient sect called the "Heavenly Demon Clan" and their leader, Empress Ji, who seeks to obtain the Water Spiritual Bead for her own nefarious purposes. Empress Ji possesses dark powers and employs ruthless tactics to achieve her goals, leading to intense confrontations with Li Xiaoyao and his companions.

Throughout their adventure, Li Xiaoyao and his friends learn important life lessons, face personal growth, and form strong bonds of friendship. They endure trials and tribulations, including battles with powerful enemies and internal conflicts within their group. Ultimately, they gather enough clues and support from allies to confront the Moon Worship Sect's leader, the final obstacle in their quest.

In the climactic final battle, Li Xiaoyao taps into his full potential, using his Sky Eye ability and the strength of his companions to defeat the Moon Worship Sect's leader and save the world from destruction. With the Water Spiritual Bead, they are able to bring relief to the drought-afflicted land and fulfill their mission.

The story of Sword and Fairy 1 is a captivating blend of adventure, romance, and martial arts, showcasing the determination, bravery, and growth of its characters as they overcome various challenges on their quest for the Water Spiritual Bead.

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