Watch Survivre à ses enfants TV Show with subtitles

The Rollercoaster Journey of Parenthood: Surviving Through Chaos

Comedy  Canada 

Survivre à ses enfants is a TV show that revolves around the lives of two couples, Kamyar and Nadine, and Annie and Philippe, as they navigate the challenges and joys of parenthood.

Kamyar and Nadine are the parents of four children ranging in age from 8 to 17. They are in the midst of raising their family and facing different parenting hurdles with each child. The couple tries to balance their own personal and professional lives while taking care of their children's needs. From organizing birthday parties to attending school concerts, they face the various ups and downs of their children's lives.

On the other hand, Josée, a close friend of Kamyar and Nadine, is also a part of the storyline. She shares joint custody of her 8-year-old daughter with her ex-husband, Daniel. However, their relationship is fraught with tension and conflict. Josée often finds herself trying to navigate co-parenting with Daniel while also dealing with her daughter's emotional well-being. Her journey showcases the challenges faced by single parents and the importance of fostering a healthy environment for their children.

Annie and Philippe, the newest parents among the group, are adjusting to life with their one-year-old child. As new parents, they encounter sleepless nights, fumbling through parenting choices, and trying to maintain their personal lives amidst the chaos of raising an infant. Their storyline highlights the trials and tribulations that come with being first-time parents.

Throughout the series, the couples lean on each other for support, advice, and friendship. They often come together for events such as barbecues, restaurant outings, and cocktail hours, where they find solace in the company of others facing similar challenges. The show emphasizes the importance of community and the role it plays in helping parents survive the joys and hardships of raising children.

From the everyday moments to the milestone events, Survivre à ses enfants offers a realistic portrayal of the joys, struggles, and triumphs that come with parenting, showcasing the love and dedication parents have for their children.

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