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Obsession: Los Angeles Detectives on the Case

Crime,Drama  United States of America 

As Lt. Beth Davis and her team delve into various stalking cases in Los Angeles, they encounter a range of disturbing situations. From cyberstalkers targeting high-profile individuals to romantic fixations escalating to dangerous levels, the detectives must navigate the complexities of each case while also dealing with their own personal struggles.

One particularly challenging case involves a stalker who is targeting a famous actress, causing chaos in her life both on and off the screen. As the team delves deeper into the stalker's background, they uncover a web of lies and deceit that puts everyone involved at risk.

Meanwhile, Detective Jack Larsen's troubled past comes back to haunt him as he is forced to confront demons from his past while trying to solve one of the most difficult cases of his career. Lt. Beth Davis must also deal with her own personal issues as she grapples with the emotional toll of working on these intense cases.

As the team races against time to stop the stalkers before they escalate their behaviors, they must also wrestle with their own moral and ethical dilemmas. Can they maintain their objectivity and professionalism in the face of such disturbing cases, or will their personal demons threaten to derail their investigations? Only time will tell as the team at the LAPD's Threat Assessment Unit continues their relentless pursuit of justice.


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