Free watch Sin novedad TV Series online

Comedy,Crime  Spain  2021

Casts: Carlos Areces,Toni Acosta,Omar Banana,Adriana Torrebejano,Arturo Valls

Sin novedad is a Spanish comedy TV show that follows the story of two bumbling policemen, Pepe and Juan, who are always looking for their big break to become heroes. However, their attempts to solve crimes always seem to end in disaster.

Meanwhile, two notorious criminals, Mario and Miguel, are also waiting for the opportunity to pull off the crime of their lives. They are constantly planning intricate heists and outsmarting the police at every turn.

The two inspectors, Teresa and Luis, are determined to catch the criminals and put an end to their escapades. However, they often find themselves getting caught up in the chaos caused by Pepe and Juan's antics.

As the four characters' paths continue to cross, hilarious misunderstandings and mishaps ensue, leading to a series of comedic adventures that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Will Pepe and Juan finally get their moment in the spotlight? Will Mario and Miguel outsmart the authorities once again? Tune in to Sin novedad to find out!

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