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Retro Lust: Life Pre-Web Porn.

Documentary  United States of America 

In Sex Before the Internet, set in the late 1980s, the story revolves around a group of friends and acquaintances navigating their sexual desires, adventures, and relationships in a time when access to explicit content was limited to analog sources.

The show follows multiple interconnected storylines focusing on different characters and their respective experiences. Here are some plot highlights:

1. Main Characters:

- Sarah: A young and curious woman who finds herself questioning her desires and exploring her sexuality while dealing with societal expectations. She explores the world of dating, sexual experimentation, and personal fulfillment.

- Mark: A shy and introverted college student who is still discovering his own sexual identity. Mark's journey takes him through various romantic encounters while trying to combat his shyness and insecurities.

- Liz: An outspoken and confident woman who embraces her liberated sexual desires. She owns an adult video store and becomes an educator, advisor, and confidante for those seeking guidance on sexual matters.

2. Dating and Relationships:
The show delves into the challenges and intricacies of dating in a pre-internet era. Characters engage in traditional means of meeting potential partners such as blind dates, personal ads, or chance encounters at social events. The characters experience the excitement, insecurities, and heartbreaks that come with both casual and serious relationships.

3. Sex Education and Exploration:
With limited access to explicit content, the characters seek alternative means to educate themselves about sex and explore their desires. They rely on books, adult video rentals, sexual workshops, and candid conversations with friends and experts for guidance. The characters navigate issues like consent, sexual pleasure, and understanding their own bodies in a world where sexual discussions were not as open.

4. Controversial and Taboo Topics:
The show also tackles more controversial and taboo topics of the time period, such as homosexuality, BDSM, non-traditional relationships, and sexual fetishes. The characters face societal stigmas and personal challenges as they explore these aspects of their sexuality.

5. Friendship and Support:
Amidst their personal journeys, the characters forge deep friendships and offer support to one another. They create a tight-knit community where they share their triumphs, struggles, and discoveries, providing empathy and understanding during an era when sex was still largely considered a private matter.

Sex Before the Internet weaves these diverse storylines together, exploring the emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of sex and relationships in an era devoid of the instant gratification and accessibility that the internet brings. The show captures the nuances and complexities of human sexuality, highlighting both the joys and difficulties of navigating a time when obtaining information about sex required effort, and connecting with others with similar interests relied heavily on chance encounters and personal networks.

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