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Rescuing Lisa: A Thrilling TV Journey

Drama  France 

"Save Lisa" is a gripping French TV thriller series produced by Incognita Films, Be-FILMS, and BE-FILMS. The show follows the central character Lisa, portrayed by talented actress Déborah François, as she becomes entangled in a complex web of mystery and danger.

Lisa, a young and talented pianist, is living an ordinary life until she discovers a hidden secret about her past. This revelation turns her world upside down and puts her life at risk. As she tries to navigate the sudden chaos surrounding her, Lisa realizes she must fight to stay alive and protect the truth.

Caroline Anglade plays Marie, Lisa's best friend, who becomes her most trusted confidant and ally. Together, they embark on a thrilling journey to uncover the truth and expose those responsible for the dangers that surround Lisa.

Throughout the series, Lisa encounters a series of enigmatic and dangerous individuals. Victoria Abril portrays Olivia, a mysterious woman with insider knowledge of Lisa's past and her connection to a powerful and secretive organization. Cristiana Réali plays Emma, a determined journalist who delves deeper into Lisa's story and finds herself entangled in the conspiracy.

As Lisa delves deeper into her own past, she uncovers shocking revelations and hidden truths that threaten not only her life but also her loved ones. In her quest for justice and survival, Lisa must outsmart her enemies, navigate through treacherous alliances, and confront her own fears and vulnerabilities.

Supported by Carolline Sainson-Fabresse in a supporting role, "Save Lisa" is a gripping and suspenseful TV series that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as Lisa fights to save herself and bring the truth to light. As the plot unravels, audiences are treated to intense action, unexpected twists, and a compelling storyline that explores the lengths one woman will go to protect her own life and those she loves.

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