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Drama  Philippines  2023

Casts: Gab Lagman,Nicole Omillo,Jerome Ponce,Bea Binene,Marco Gallo

TV Show: Safe Skies

Plot Details:

Yanna, a determined and ambitious tourism student, crosses paths with Hiro, a skilled and passionate young pilot. Both individuals share a strong desire to explore life outside of their respective career paths, leading them to enter into a casual, no-strings attached relationship.

As Yanna and Hiro embark on their adventurous journey, they develop a deep connection that goes beyond their initial agreement. Their bond grows stronger, and they find comfort and understanding in each other's dreams and aspirations.

However, when their relationship turns into something more meaningful and authentic, Yanna and Hiro find themselves grappling with the reality of their emotional attachment. As they explore this newfound love, they begin to question the boundaries they initially set and the potential consequences it may have on their individual ambitions.

Yanna, torn between her ambition to excel in the tourism industry and her growing love for Hiro, starts to reassess her priorities. She wonders if she can balance a fulfilling career with a committed relationship. Meanwhile, Hiro faces a similar dilemma as he questions whether pursuing his aspirations as a pilot conflicts with the deepening emotional connection he shares with Yanna.

Throughout the series, Yanna and Hiro navigate the complexities of commitment, love, and personal growth. They find solace in their shared experiences, supporting each other's dreams, and encouraging one another to pursue their passions while also trying to maintain a strong relationship.

As they grapple with their changing dynamic, Yanna and Hiro encounter various challenges - be it long-distance communication due to Hiro's travelling for work or Yanna's struggle to find her true calling within the tourism industry. They must learn how to communicate effectively and find a delicate balance between their personal aspirations and their romantic connection.

Safe Skies delves into the intricacies of modern relationships and the pursuit of one's dreams. It explores the complexities of finding personal fulfillment without sacrificing love and explores the themes of self-discovery, ambition, and compromise.

Viewers will be taken on a heartfelt journey as Yanna and Hiro navigate the ever-shifting dynamics of their no-strings attached relationship turned real love, inspiring them to reevaluate their own lives and choices in the pursuit of happiness, both personally and professionally.

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