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Royalty in the Heartland: A Ghanaian Sisterhood in Ohio

Reality,Documentary  United States of America 

"The Royal Rules of Ohio" follows the captivating journey of the Agyekum sisters, Princess Adwoa and Princess Abena, in their twenties, as they navigate a vastly different lifestyle in Columbus, Ohio after growing up amidst wealth and royalty in Ghana. The show explores the challenges and triumphs they encounter as they adapt to their new surroundings, while remaining steadfast to their royal heritage.

1. Royal Relocation: Adwoa and Abena reluctantly move to Columbus, Ohio as part of their parents' plan to broaden their worldly experiences. They must adjust to a normal American lifestyle, which includes living in an upscale suburban neighborhood and attending a local college.

2. Cultural Clash: The sisters face cultural differences and misunderstandings, trying to find a balance between their traditional customs and the modern American way of life. From simple daily routines to relationships and friendships, they navigate these clashes with humor and open-mindedness.

3. School Days: Adwoa and Abena join a prestigious university in Columbus, where they encounter challenges such as rigorous academic expectations, peer pressure, and the pursuit of independence. While striving for success and maintaining their status as royal descendants, they embrace new friendships and try to blend into the diverse student population.

4. Unexpected Love: The sisters experience unique romantic journeys as they explore relationships outside the restrictive expectations of their royalty back home. Adwoa falls for a humble musician aspiring to become a renowned artist, while Abena falls for a dedicated medical student with a passion for social justice. These relationships test their personal values and their commitment to love amidst differences in social status and cultural backgrounds.

5. Secret Identity: Adwoa and Abena decide to keep their heritage hidden to avoid being treated differently by their peers and potential suitors. However, as their friendships deepen and feelings grow stronger, their secret becomes increasingly difficult to maintain, leading to a series of entertaining situations that force them to reveal their true identities.

6. Reconnecting with Ghana: Throughout the series, the sisters grapple with a sense of homesickness and a deep longing for their beloved Ghana. They organize cultural events, featuring traditional music, dance, and cuisine, to connect with the Ghanaian community in Columbus, fostering a sense of pride in their heritage while exposing their American friends to the richness of their culture.

7. Family Obligations: The Agyekum sisters occasionally face visits from their parents, who represent the traditional expectations of their royal lineage. The clash between old and new values adds tension to their lives, as they continuously strive to strike a balance between individuality and honoring their family's legacy.

"The Royal Rules of Ohio" intertwines elements of love, friendship, culture, and personal growth as the Agyekum sisters embark on an enlightening and entertaining adventure that challenges their perceptions of self and others, teaching them invaluable life lessons along the way.

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