Risqué Business: The Netherlands and Germany TV Show Synopsis

Candid Investigations: Unveiling Intimate Traditions in Europe

Reality  South Korea 

Risqué Business: The Netherlands and Germany follows the adventurous hosts Shin Dong-youp and Sung Si-kyung as they embark on a captivating journey to explore the various sex cultures of these two European countries. Throughout the series, they delve deep into the fascinating world of sexuality, combining their own hands-on experiences with insightful and revealing interviews.

In the Netherlands, Shin Dong-youp and Sung Si-kyung visit the famous Red Light District in Amsterdam, where they interact with and interview both the sex workers and their customers. They engage in conversations about the legalization and regulation of prostitution, shedding light on the realities and regulations surrounding the industry. The hosts also participate in informative workshops on sexual education, exploring the country's progressive approach to discussing sex and relationships openly.

Meanwhile, in Germany, they explore the city of Berlin, known for its vibrant and diverse sexual subcultures. Shin Dong-youp and Sung Si-kyung visit the KitKatClub, an iconic nightclub that embraces alternative sexual lifestyles and organizes extravagant themed parties. They get a firsthand experience of the club's sexually liberated environment, while also interviewing the club's founders and members. The hosts also immerse themselves in the world of sex-positive feminism, where they engage in discussions with key activists who advocate for gender equality and sexual empowerment.

Throughout the series, the hosts aim to dismantle common misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding these sex cultures, providing a more nuanced understanding of the diverse perspectives and practices that exist in the Netherlands and Germany. They not only explore the physical aspects of sex but also emphasize the importance of consent, communication, and sexual health.

Risqué Business: The Netherlands and Germany challenges viewers' preconceived notions about sex and relationships, encouraging them to embrace a more open-minded and respectful attitude towards different sexual cultures.

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