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The Twisted Charade of RIPLEY

Drama  Switzerland,United States of America 

In the TV series RIPLEY, set in 1960s New York, the central character is Tom Ripley, a talented grifter and master of deception. Hired by a wealthy businessman, Herbert Greenleaf, Ripley is tasked with convincing Greenleaf's son, Dickie, to return home from Italy and take up his responsibilities in the family business.

To carry out his mission, Ripley assumes a false identity and ingratiates himself into the wealthy expatriate lifestyle shared by Dickie and his friends. Initially, Ripley manages to win over Dickie with his charm and wit, and they embark on a close friendship. As the plot unfolds, Ripley's envy and obsession with Dickie's privileged life begin to take a dark turn.

Desperate to maintain his new life of luxury, Ripley becomes entangled in a web of deceit, fraud, and manipulation. He resorts to forging signatures, stealing identities, and committing fraud to maintain the appearance that he is Dickie. Meanwhile, his obsession with Dickie grows to the point where he is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect his secret.

As tensions rise and Ripley's web of lies becomes increasingly difficult to maintain, he spirals deeper into his own dark psyche. The series explores Ripley's journey from a desperate grifter to a pathological killer, driven by a desire to maintain the illusion of a life he never had.

Throughout the show, RIPLEY delves into themes of identity, class, and the corrupting effects of wealth. It presents a character with questionable morals who becomes consumed by his own deceptions, leading to a series of shocking and suspenseful events that ultimately reveal the true extent of Tom Ripley's capability for deceit, fraud, and murder.

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