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Throne Wars: The Ren Faire Rivalry

Documentary  United States of America 

As the power struggle intensifies, each contender must use their unique skills and resources to gain favor with the festival's staff and performers. The actor relies on his theatrical charisma and experience with the festival's scripted performances to rally support. The former elephant trainer uses his knowledge of animal handling and showmanship to win over the festival's animal performers and their trainers. Meanwhile, the kettle-corn kingpin uses his business acumen and connections within the festival's vendor community to secure alliances and resources.

As tensions rise, alliances are formed and broken, betrayals occur, and secrets are revealed. The contestants must navigate not only the challenges of the power struggle but also the day-to-day operations of the festival, including managing performers, handling unexpected incidents, and dealing with the demands of the festival's loyal attendees.

Ultimately, only one contender can claim the throne and become the new ruler of the festival. Who will emerge victorious in this dramatic battle for power and prestige at America's largest renaissance festival? Tune in to find out in TV Ren Faire.

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