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Drama,Mystery  China  2024

Casts: Peng Yang,Heliao Lüyun,Wang Yan-hui,Zhang Yifan,Huang Jue

As the group of people gather for Fei Ke's memorial service, they begin to share their memories of him and how he had impacted each of their lives. He Shan, the female journalist, remembers Fei Ke as a mentor who helped her navigate the world of journalism and gave her her first big break. However, as they all start to share their stories, they realize that the Fei Ke they knew was different for each of them.

One of the strangers reveals that Fei Ke was actually a con artist who had scammed him out of a large sum of money. Another stranger confesses that Fei Ke had been involved in illegal activities and had dragged her into a dangerous world of crime. The other two strangers also share similar stories of betrayal and deceit at the hands of Fei Ke.

As the group delves deeper into Fei Ke's past, they uncover a web of lies and secrets that he had been keeping from them all. It turns out that Fei Ke had been living a double life, manipulating and deceiving those around him for his own benefit. He had different personas for each of his acquaintances, carefully crafting a facade to suit their needs and gain their trust.

As the truth about Fei Ke comes to light, the group realizes that they had all been played by him in some way or another. Despite the pain and betrayal, they find solace in coming together to uncover the truth and bring closure to their shared past with Fei Ke. In the end, they are able to move on from the deception and find healing in their shared experience.

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