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Dragon Bond: The Drop Impact Chronicles

Animation  Japan 

As Ace and his friends delve deeper into their investigation of the Drop Impacts, they discover a sinister plot by a group of rogue Dragon Callers who are intentionally causing the Drop Impacts in order to gain more power for themselves. These rogue Dragon Callers are working in league with a powerful Monster known as Darkbane, who seeks to conquer the entire planet and subjugate all races under his rule.

As Ace and his friends race against time to stop the rogue Dragon Callers and Darkbane, they must confront their own doubts and fears, as well as uncover the truth behind King's disappearance and the true nature of the Drops. Along the way, they also encounter ancient prophecies and hidden secrets that will challenge everything they know about their world and themselves.

With the fate of the planet hanging in the balance, Ace must harness the full extent of his Dragon Calling powers, forge new alliances, and ultimately face Darkbane in a final battle that will determine the future of Dragoza and all its inhabitants. Will Ace and his friends be able to save the planet from destruction, or will Darkbane's reign of terror consume them all?
season 1


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