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Trading Places: Prime Minister's Daughter and the Thief

Drama,Comedy  China 

The TV series "Practice Daughter" follows the story of Mei Yu Fan and Xiao Dou Zi as they accidentally switch lives and identities. Mei Yu Fan is the prime minister's daughter, privileged and pampered, while Xiao Dou Zi is a skilled and daring thief from the streets.

As they navigate their new lives, they encounter various challenges and comedic situations. Mei Yu Fan struggles to adapt to life on the streets and the perpetually broke lifestyle of Xiao Dou Zi, while Xiao Dou Zi is overwhelmed by the responsibilities and expectations of being the prime minister's daughter.

The switch also leads to unexpected romances and friendships, as Mei Yu Fan finds herself falling for a kind-hearted street performer while Xiao Dou Zi forms unlikely alliances in the political world. Meanwhile, both girls must deal with the repercussions of their swapped identities, including evading the law and uncovering long-buried family secrets.

Through their misadventures, the two girls learn important lessons about empathy, privilege, and the true meaning of identity. As they work to switch back to their original lives, they gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other's worlds.

The series is a heartwarming and humorous exploration of the contrasts between privilege and poverty, and how two very different individuals can find common ground and understanding.

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