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Drama  China  2024

Casts: Pang Yi-xin,Li Yizhen,Danson Tang,Chen Zhi Qiao,Shen Chang

As Yu Jing and Gu Jiahui struggle with their busy careers, they find it increasingly difficult to maintain a balance in their marriage. Having put the idea of starting a family on hold, they face immense pressure when Yu Jing's mother-in-law, Mrs. Li, unexpectedly intrudes into their lives.

Mrs. Li, accompanied by her niece, Li Xinyi, strongly believes it is time for Yu Jing and Gu Jiahui to have children. Though well-intentioned, their forceful intrusion pushes the couple's marriage to the brink of danger. Yu Jing and Gu Jiahui suddenly find themselves dealing with constant interference, arguments, and misunderstandings regarding their future plans.

Unbeknownst to them, this chaotic situation is not merely a result of Mrs. Li's concern for her son's happiness; it is part of a much larger, sinister conspiracy. They soon discover that behind the pressure to have children lies Yu Jing's cunning and manipulative former father-in-law, Li Xifu. He holds a deep grudge against Yu Jing and seeks to destroy her marriage to seek his revenge.

As the story unfolds, Yu Jing and Gu Jiahui struggle to navigate the challenges brought upon by Mrs. Li's demanding presence while trying to understand the true motives behind her actions. Amidst the chaos, Yu Jing and Li Xinyi, her previously overbearing and judgmental daughter-in-law, unexpectedly find common ground.

United against Li Xifu's schemes and realizing that true happiness lies in their own hands, Yu Jing, her mother-in-law, and Li Xinyi join forces to confront the cunning former father-in-law. Together, they devise a plan to expose his manipulation and ensure that Yu Jing and Gu Jiahui's marriage remains intact.

The story of "My Little Perfection" is a thrilling journey of uncovering familial and marital challenges, understanding one's own desires, and finding strength in unexpected alliances. It explores the complexities of relationships, the power of forgiveness, and the importance of fighting for love against all odds.

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