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Love Untold: A Heartfelt Journey

N/A  Thailand 

My Girl is a popular South Korean television series that aired in 2005. It tells the story of a young girl named Joo Yoo-rin (played by Lee Da-hae), who comes from a poor family and constantly moves around due to her father's debts. One day, she receives a job offer from a wealthy hotel owner, Seol Gong-chan (played by Lee Dong-wook).

The catch is that Seol Gong-chan is looking for his long-lost cousin, Seo Hyeon-ju, and Yoo-rin must pretend to be her in order to receive the job. As she begins to live a life of luxury, Yoo-rin finds herself falling in love with Seol Gong-chan, while he falls for the woman he thinks is his cousin.

However, secrets begin to unravel as Yoo-rin's father's debts catch up with her and her true identity is threatened to be exposed. Meanwhile, Seol Gong-chan's childhood friend, Kim Se-hyun (played by Lee Joon-gi), also harbors feelings for Yoo-rin, leading to a complicated love triangle.

As the story progresses, Yoo-rin learns the true importance of family and discovers the real reason behind her father's debts. The series is known for its heartwarming moments, romantic chemistry between the leads, and comedic scenes that bring laughter to its viewers.

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