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Adventures at Finnegan High: A Canadian Comedy Series

Comedy  Canada 

Mr. Young follows the story of Adam Young, a child prodigy who graduates from high school at the age of 14 and returns to his alma mater as a science teacher. Despite his young age, Adam must navigate the challenges of being a teacher while still trying to fit in with his students and colleagues. Throughout the series, Adam comes up with unconventional and often wacky ways to engage his students in learning, leading to hilarious mishaps and adventures.

Alongside his students, Adam also has to deal with the school's eccentric principal, Mr. Tater, and his fellow teachers, including the strict Mrs. Byrne and the laid-back Mr. Elderman. As Adam tries to balance his responsibilities as a teacher and his desire to have a normal teenage experience, he also faces personal challenges such as friendships, crushes, and rivalries.

Overall, Mr. Young is a light-hearted and funny series that explores themes of friendship, education, and growing up, with plenty of comedic moments along the way.
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