Where to watch Mr. Show with Bob and David TV Show

Outrageous Comedy with Bob & David: A Sketch Show Extravaganza

Comedy  United States of America 

Mr. Show with Bob and David was known for its satirical and absurdist humor, with sketches often commenting on various aspects of society, politics, and popular culture. Some recurring themes included media manipulation, corporate greed, and the absurdity of everyday life.

One memorable sketch featured a parody of infomercials called "Coupon: The Movie," in which a man becomes obsessed with a coupon and it takes over his life. Another sketch involved a fictional television network called "The Hucka-Lucka Show" which featured bizarre and nonsensical programming.

The show also featured several recurring characters, such as the duo of Ronnie Dobbs (played by Cross) and Terry Twillstein (played by Odenkirk), two bumbling troublemakers who constantly find themselves in absurd situations.

Overall, Mr. Show with Bob and David was praised for its clever writing, innovative sketch structure, and the chemistry between Odenkirk and Cross. It has since gained a cult following and is considered a landmark in alternative comedy.

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