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The Enchanted Blind Box Romance

Drama  China 

As Su Nuannuan opens the blind box, she is surprised to find a small figurine of a handsome man inside. To her even greater surprise, the figurine comes to life and introduces himself as "Leo," her perfect fantasy boyfriend. As Su Nuannuan spends more time with Leo, she begins to feel a real connection with him despite knowing he is just a magical creation from the blind box.

As their relationship develops, Su Nuannuan struggles with the idea of having a relationship with someone who isn't real. However, Leo proves to be understanding, supportive, and caring, making her question what truly defines a perfect boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Su Nuannuan's friends and family become curious about her mysterious new boyfriend and start to suspect that something strange is going on. As Su Nuannuan navigates the challenges of keeping her relationship with Leo a secret, she also discovers more about herself and what she truly wants in a partner.

Throughout the series, Su Nuannuan and Leo face obstacles and misunderstandings, but their love for each other continues to grow stronger. As the 72-hour time limit on their relationship approaches, Su Nuannuan must decide whether to let go of her fantasy boyfriend or fight to keep him in her life.

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