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The Hole Maker: Search for the Missing Professor

Drama,Mystery,Sci-Fi & Fantasy  Japan 

As Yoji and his classmates delve deeper into their search for the missing professor, they discover a hidden world of supernatural beings and folklore creatures that coexist with humans. Along the way, they encounter mythical creatures such as kappa, tengu, and yokai, each with their own unique abilities and powers.

As they navigate through this mystical realm, Yoji's ability to create holes becomes crucial in solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles. With the help of his classmates and the supernatural beings they meet, they unravel the mystery behind the professor's disappearance and uncover a larger conspiracy threatening the balance between the human world and the supernatural realm.

Throughout their journey, Yoji learns more about his own powers and his connection to the folklore world, while also forming strong bonds with his classmates and the supernatural beings they encounter. Together, they must work to bring the missing professor back safely and prevent chaos from engulfing both worlds.

As the group faces challenges and confronts powerful adversaries, they must rely on their wits, teamwork, and each other's unique abilities to uncover the truth and restore harmony to the Land of Tanabata.

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