Ladies in Black TV Show Where To Watch

Threads of Change: Sydney, 1961 Fashion Revolution

Drama  Australia 

The plot of Ladies in Black revolves around the lives of the women who work at Goodes department store in Sydney in the early 1960s. The story follows the experiences of Lisa, a shy and somewhat naive young woman who starts working as a saleswoman in the ladieswear department. As Lisa begins to navigate the challenges of her new job, she becomes friends with her more experienced colleagues, including the glamorous and worldly Magda, who introduces her to the possibilities of a more sophisticated and culturally diverse world.

As the women support each other through their personal and professional challenges, the series also explores the societal shifts occurring in Australia during the 1960s, particularly the changing role of women in society and the impact of immigration on Australian culture. Against the backdrop of the burgeoning fashion industry and the growing influence of European style, the women of Goodes experience their own personal transformations and learn to navigate the complexities of love, friendship, and ambition in a rapidly changing world.

The series delves into the lives of the women as they face personal and professional challenges, find support in their friendships, and embrace the opportunities and obstacles that come with the fashion transformation of the sixties. Through their experiences, the women of Goodes learn to find their own paths and identities in a time of great change and possibility.

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