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Drama  France  2022

Casts: Audrey Dana,Solan Harsch,

"La vie devant" is a French TV drama series that revolves around the lives of three main characters - Juliette, Lou, and Josephine, and their journey through adulthood and friendship.

Juliette (played by Audrey Dana) is a free-spirited woman in her late thirties who works as a travel writer. She is a single mother to her teenage son, Léo. Despite her vibrant personality, Juliette struggles with commitment and finds it challenging to maintain stable relationships.

Lou (played by Solan Harsch) is a transgender man in his twenties who is transitioning from female to male. He is an artist and aspiring photographer trying to find his place in the world. Lou faces societal prejudices and personal challenges as he navigates his identity and seeks acceptance from his loved ones.

Josephine is an outwardly composed and married woman, played by an unknown actor. However, she carries a secret that she has kept hidden for years. As the series progresses, her secret unravels, leading to unforeseen consequences that impact her relationships.

Throughout the show, these three central characters form a strong bond as their lives intersect and intertwine. They support each other through life's ups and downs, providing comfort, understanding, and guidance.

"La vie devant" explores themes of identity, love, and personal growth. It delves into the complexity of human relationships, highlighting the importance of empathy, acceptance, and friendship in navigating life's challenges. As the characters face their own struggles, they learn valuable lessons about self-acceptance, forgiveness, and finding one's purpose.

The series showcases the diverse realities and experiences of its characters, portraying their journeys with depth and authenticity. By addressing societal issues such as transgender rights, gender identity, and self-discovery, "La vie devant" offers a unique and thought-provoking narrative that resonates with its audience.

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