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Revolutionary Bounty: The Quad's Killjoy Chronicles

Action & Adventure,Sci-Fi & Fantasy  Canada 

In the TV series Killjoys, the trio of interplanetary bounty hunters includes Dutch, a gorgeous and deadly woman with a mysterious past; Johnny, a tech-savvy hacker with a big heart; and D'avin, a former soldier with a troubled history.

Together, the Killjoys navigate the political and social tensions of the Quad, a system of planets controlled by a powerful corporation called the Company. The trio must navigate dangerous missions, treacherous alliances, and personal struggles as they track down criminals and collect bounties.

Throughout the series, the Killjoys uncover dark secrets about their pasts and the true nature of the Quad's power structures. As they fight against powerful enemies and navigate complex plots, the trio must rely on their bond as a team to survive and continue their mission.

The series is filled with action-packed sequences, dynamic characters, and twists and turns that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Killjoys explores themes of loyalty, friendship, and the struggle for freedom in a society controlled by corruption and greed.


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