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Love's Harmony: A Doctor and His Devoted Wife

Comedy  United States of America 

The show followed the Quinn's, a happily married couple who were both successful professionals - Sam was a successful sportscaster and Molly was a talented lawyer. Despite their busy careers, they always made time for each other and their two young children, a teenage daughter named Lindsay and a son named Oliver. The couple's harmony was put to the test when Molly decided to return to work full-time, causing Sam to take on more responsibilities at home.

Throughout the series, the Quinn's navigated the typical ups and downs of married life, dealing with issues such as balancing work and family, communication breakdowns, and outside influences threatening their relationship. Despite these challenges, Sam and Molly always found a way to work through their problems and strengthen their bond. It Takes Two was praised for its realistic portrayal of marriage and the dynamics of a modern family.


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