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Detroit Pawn Shop Chronicles: Cash, Confrontations, and Chaos

Documentary  United States of America 

Hardcore Pawn follows the Gold family, business owners of American Jewelry and Loan, as they deal with a wide variety of customers who come into the pawn shop looking to buy, sell, or pawn items. The show highlights the interactions between the family members – Les Gold, the patriarch and owner of the shop, his son Seth Gold, who manages the shop's day-to-day operations, and his daughter Ashley Gold, who handles the shop's marketing and public relations.

Throughout the series, viewers get a glimpse into the unique and often humorous situations that occur in the pawn shop, such as eccentric customers, heated negotiations, and unusual items brought in for pawn or sale. The Gold family must navigate these challenges while also managing the daily operations of the business and dealing with the pressures of running a successful pawn shop in a rough neighborhood.

As the series progresses, viewers get to see the personal dynamics within the Gold family, including their disagreements, conflicts, and moments of bonding. Hardcore Pawn showcases the fast-paced and high-stakes world of pawnbroking, providing an inside look at the struggles and triumphs of running a successful pawn shop in Detroit.
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