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The Franken Chronicles: Quest for Normalcy

Animation,Comedy,Sci-Fi & Fantasy  China 

The show follows the Frankenstein family as they navigate their daily lives in a world where modded humans are not fully accepted by society. The parents, Dr. Victor Frankenstein and Dr. Elizabeth Frankenstein, are both brilliant scientists who have created their own children through genetic modification. The brother, Adam, is a hulking creature with superhuman strength and durability, while the sister, Eve, is a more delicate and agile creature with heightened senses.

Despite their unique abilities, the siblings long to be accepted as normal humans and struggle with their identity as creatures. They attend a regular high school, where they try to fit in and make friends while hiding their true nature. The parents also face challenges as they try to balance their work as mad scientists with their desire to be a loving and supportive family.

Throughout the series, the Frankenstein family faces various obstacles and adventures as they strive to become a "normal" family. They must confront prejudice and discrimination from both humans and other modded creatures, and they also deal with conflicts within their own family as they navigate the complexities of relationships and personal growth.

Overall, Frankenstein Family is a heartwarming and humorous exploration of what it means to be a family, regardless of differences in appearance or abilities. It tackles themes of acceptance, identity, and the importance of love and understanding in overcoming societal expectations.


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