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Comedy  France  2024

Casts: François Civil,Jessy Ugolin,Géraldine Nakache,Pierre Niney,Pascal Demolon

In "TV Fiasco," the first-time director, Lisa Rodriguez, has finally landed her dream job – directing a high-budget, cutting-edge television series called "Primetime Conspiracy." It's a complex drama set in a futuristic world, filled with intricate plotlines and impressive special effects.

However, as filming begins, disaster strikes the set. Unforeseen accidents, technical glitches, and freak accidents occur one after another, creating a chaotic and unpredictable environment. Fortunately, a dedicated behind-the-scenes film crew is capturing every moment, from the rehearsed scenes to the unexpected calamities.

Amid the chaos, the crew starts noticing that these incidents seem suspiciously deliberate – it becomes clear that someone is sabotaging the production. As they analyze the captured footage, they discover a series of cryptic messages hidden within the behind-the-scenes shots. It seems like an individual in the crew is blackmailing key members of the cast and crew, and this person is desperate to derail the show.

Lisa and the rest of the crew are determined to uncover the mastermind behind these mishaps and save the show from complete disaster. Suspicion falls on several members of the production team, including the ambitious assistant director, Jake, who would do anything to climb the ladder of success, and the enigmatic and secretive special effects artist, Mia.

As they delve deeper, the film crew uncovers a web of secrets, rivalries, and hidden agendas within the cast and crew. They learn of affairs, stolen ideas, and personal vendettas leading back to the show's inception. The deadline looms, and tensions run high as everyone grapples with their own ulterior motives and the increasing pressure to deliver a successful series.

Ultimately, the truth uncovers a surprising twist – it was Lisa's own estranged sibling, Alex, who orchestrated the chaos. Jealous of Lisa's success and bitter about past betrayals, Alex sought revenge by throwing the entire production into chaos, using the behind-the-scenes footage as their weapon.

As the crew confronts Alex, a tense and dramatic confrontation ensues. The fate of the show hangs in the balance as Lisa and her crew must outsmart and defeat her sibling, ensuring that "Primetime Conspiracy" not only finishes filming but becomes a success against all odds.

"TV Fiasco" is a gripping tale that explores the fragility of dreams, the cutthroat nature of the entertainment industry, and the power of determination and teamwork in the face of adversity.

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