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Drama,War & Politics,Action & Adventure  Hungary  2023

Casts: Abigél Szőke,Evelin Dobos,Barna Bokor,Zsófia Szamosi,Zoltán Rajkai

As the armies surround Transylvania, Báthory's once loyal subjects start to turn against him, seeing the destruction and chaos he has brought upon their land. Despite his initial popularity and charm, Báthory becomes isolated and paranoid, trusting no one, not even his closest advisors.

Meanwhile, Gábor Bethlen, who had once been Báthory's friend and ally, now leads a rebellion against him, backed by disgruntled nobles and foreign powers who see an opportunity to take advantage of Transylvania's weakened state. Bethlen's army grows in strength as more and more people flock to his cause, believing him to be the true savior of their country.

The final showdown between Báthory and Bethlen takes place on the battlefield, with both men fighting for the future of Transylvania. In a dramatic and bloody confrontation, Báthory is ultimately defeated and forced to flee the country, leaving behind a legacy of destruction and despair.

With Báthory's reign over, Bethlen is proclaimed the new ruler of Transylvania, promising to restore peace and prosperity to the land. However, the scars of Báthory's tyranny run deep, and it will take years for Transylvania to recover from the devastation wrought by its former ruler.

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