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From Copenhagen with Love: Eva's Solo Parenthood Journey

Drama,Comedy  Denmark,Sweden 

After deciding to have children on her own, Eva embarks on her journey of motherhood with the help of Mads' donated sperm. As she goes through the process of getting pregnant and eventually giving birth, she begins to question her decision to do it all alone. She also starts to develop feelings for Mads, despite her initial skepticism about love.

Throughout the series, Eva navigates the challenges of being a single mother and the complexities of her relationship with Mads. She also explores the concept of family and the different forms it can take. As Eva's children grow up, she faces new obstacles and joys, all the while trying to maintain a balance between her career and personal life.

The show delves into themes of love, parenthood, and the non-traditional ways in which families can come together. It also depicts Eva's personal growth and her journey towards understanding the true meaning of love. Meanwhile, Mads grapples with his role as a donor and the impact it has on his own life.

Overall, Everything and Eva is a heartfelt and poignant exploration of love, family, and the various paths we take to find happiness and fulfillment.

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