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Drama  Sweden  2023

Casts: Vilhelm Blomgren,Torkel Petersson,Erik Enge,Henrik Norlén,Simon J. Berger

In the TV series "End of Summer," the story follows Vera, the older sister of a five-year-old boy who mysteriously vanished in rural southern Sweden during the summer of 1984. Despite an extensive police investigation, the truth behind the boy's disappearance remains elusive, leaving Vera's family shattered and haunted by unanswered questions.

Twenty years later, Vera, now a group therapy session leader in Stockholm, unexpectedly encounters a young man who reveals a peculiar childhood memory linked to the disappearance. The memory strikes a chord with Vera, shaking her to the core and reigniting her determination to uncover the truth behind her brother's disappearance.

Driven by the need for closure, Vera returns to her hometown, where she must confront the fractured relationships within her family and the lingering rumors and suspicions that have plagued them for years. With the help of old acquaintances, she delves headfirst into the investigation, determined to unravel the secrets buried in the summer that never ended.

As Vera digs deeper into the past, she discovers a tangled web of personal secrets, emotional turmoil, and hidden agendas surrounding her brother's disappearance. The journey not only challenges her perception of her family but also forces her to confront her own demons and confront the disturbing truths that lie beneath the surface.

"End of Summer" explores themes of grief, loss, betrayal, and the enduring power of family bonds. Through twists and turns, the series unravels the complex and dark secrets that have haunted this small community and, ultimately, reveals the shocking truth about what truly happened in that fateful summer so many years ago.

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