Watch Disney Junior Ariel TV Show English Subtitles

Underwater Adventures with Princess Ariel

Kids,Animation,Sci-Fi & Fantasy  Canada,United States of America 

In each episode of Disney Junior Ariel, viewers will join Ariel and her friends, including her loyal sea turtle companion, as they explore the vibrant underwater world of their kingdom. Together, they will go on thrilling adventures, encountering magical sea creatures, solving mysteries, and overcoming challenges along the way.

As they navigate their kingdom, Ariel and her friends will also learn important lessons about friendship, teamwork, and the importance of caring for their ocean environment. Through their adventures, they will discover the beauty and wonder of the sea, while also facing villains who seek to disrupt the peace and harmony of their underwater home.

Filled with catchy songs, colorful animation, and heartwarming stories, Disney Junior Ariel is sure to captivate young audiences and inspire them to dive into their own imaginations. Join Ariel and her friends on their quest for adventure and fun in the enchanting underwater world they call home.

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