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The Spectacular Journey: Directed by APAB

Comedy  Sweden 

"Dips" is a Swedish TV comedy series produced by APAB. The plot revolves around four main characters – Moa, Marie, Jesper, and Kristian – who work together at a struggling public relations firm in Stockholm. Despite their differing personalities and working styles, they must come together to navigate the ups and downs of both their professional and personal lives.

Moa Lundqvist plays Moa, the ambitious and driven boss of the PR firm who is determined to lead her team to success. Marie Agerhäll plays Marie, the sarcastic and witty office manager who often clashes with Moa. Jesper Rönndahl plays Jesper, the charming and charismatic PR strategist who is always full of creative ideas. Kristian Luuk plays Kristian, the laid-back and easygoing graphic designer who often finds himself caught in the middle of office politics.

As the team takes on various clients and projects, they must overcome challenges, make tough decisions, and navigate office romances and rivalries. Through it all, they lean on each other for support and humor, forming a tight-knit group of friends who are determined to succeed in the cutthroat world of public relations.

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