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Drama,Mystery  Turkey  2024

Casts: İbrahim Selim,Bergüzar Korel,Serkan Altunorak,Kaan Mirac Sezen,Caner Cindoruk

As the TV show One Truth progresses, Neslihan Turhan, the determined and respected host, finds herself in a whirlwind of events following the death of Lal Kaleli. Lal Kaleli's death is not only a tragedy but also one that implicates Neslihan's own son, Can.

Throughout the series, Neslihan is torn between her role as a mother and her unwavering commitment to justice. As evidence against her son grows, Neslihan is faced with the unimaginable task of uncovering the truth while protecting her family.

Determined to clear her son's name, Neslihan starts investigating the case herself, digging deep into Lal Kaleli's past and the secrets hidden within her own community. As she uncovers long-buried truths, Neslihan realizes that the world she once believed in may not be as black and white as she thought.

Amidst her investigation, Neslihan faces various challenges and obstacles that test her resilience and moral compass. She encounters individuals who will go to great lengths to protect their own interests, all while grappling with the consequences of her actions.

Throughout the series, Neslihan's character evolves as she battles with her personal belief in justice and the love she feels for her family. She must confront the possibility that her son may indeed be guilty and reconcile it with her own values.

As the plot unfolds, Neslihan's profession as a TV host comes into play, providing a unique platform for her to expose the truth. As she delves deeper into the mystery surrounding Lal Kaleli's death, Neslihan becomes a voice for the voiceless, shedding light on other stories that have been hidden in the darkness.

Ultimately, Neslihan must navigate a web of complex relationships, deceit, and personal sacrifice to uncover the truth behind Lal Kaleli's death and protect her own son. The TV show One Truth explores the delicate balance between justice and family as Neslihan faces the most challenging trial of her life.

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