Watch Devil May Cry TV Show on Tablet

Dante: Half Demon, Full Hunter

Animation,Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Action & Adventure  Japan 

Devil May Cry follows the adventures of Dante, a demon hunter with supernatural powers. As a half-demon, half-human, Dante has dedicated his life to protecting the human world from demonic threats. He runs his own demon-hunting business, Devil May Cry, where he takes on various missions to eliminate evil beings and protect innocent lives.

Throughout the series, Dante encounters a wide range of demons and other supernatural creatures, each more powerful and dangerous than the last. He faces off against demonic bosses, battles his own inner demons, and uncovers dark secrets about his own past and his connection to the demon world.

Along the way, Dante is joined by a cast of colorful characters, including his sidekick and informant, the mysterious demon hunter Trish, as well as Lady, a skilled demon hunter with a personal vendetta against demons. Together, they navigate the treacherous world of demons and supernatural forces, taking on missions and fighting for the safety of humanity.

As Dante delves deeper into the mysteries of his own heritage and the demon world, he must confront his own inner struggles and make difficult choices that will determine the fate of the world. With his trusty sword Rebellion and his dual pistols Ebony and Ivory, Dante faces off against his enemies with style, skill, and a healthy dose of attitude.

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