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Oxford's Mischievous Misfit: The Deception of Paul Pennyfeather

Comedy  United States of America 

After being dismissed from Oxford, Paul Pennyfeather is forced to take a job as a schoolmaster at Llanabba Castle, a dilapidated boys' school in Wales. He quickly becomes entangled in the eccentricities of the school's staff and students, including the headmaster, Dr. Fagan, who is constantly drunk, and the shady sports master, Captain Grimes.

Despite the chaos of his new surroundings, Paul finds himself drawn to the wealthy and glamorous Margot Beste-Chetwynde, a woman with a mysterious past who sweeps him off his feet. As their romance blossoms, Paul becomes entangled in a web of deceit and scandal that threatens to destroy his newfound happiness.

As Paul navigates the treacherous waters of high society and the eccentric world of Llanabba Castle, he must confront his own moral beliefs and values in order to find a way forward. The show explores themes of class, morality, and the consequences of one's actions, all set against the backdrop of 1920s England.

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