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Deb's House: Queens of Hip-Hop Rise and Fall

Reality  United States of America 

"Deb's House" is a reality TV show that follows the legendary music mogul Deb Antney as she mentors and guides aspiring female rappers in their journey to becoming hip-hop superstars. Throughout the series, viewers get an inside look at competitive and cutthroat nature of the industry, as well as the challenges these talented face on their path to success.

Deb Antney, known for her work with artists Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj, brings her expertise and no-nonsense attitude to help these women navigate through industry politics, artistic development, branding, and more. her years of experience in the music business, she aims to teach them not only how to craft lyrics but also how to build successful careers.

As each episode unfolds, viewers witness intense auditions, rigorous training sessions, highakes performances, and behind-the-scenes drama. The contestants must prove themselves through various challenges designed to test their as performers. Some will rise to the occasion under Deb's guidance while others may crumble under pressure or succumb to conflicts the group.

Throughout this captivating journey filled with twists and turns both on-stage and off relationships are formed - alliances are made while rivalries brew. Aspiring rap artists battle it out for a chance at stardom while facing personal obstacles along the way.

"Deb's House" offers an unfiltered glimpse into what it takes for female artists in's hip-hop industry where talent alone isn't always enough. It showcases not only their musical abilities but also their resilience in overcoming obstacles as they strive for in one of music's most competitive genres.

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