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The Mysteriously Alluring Search for 'M': A Campus Love Story

Drama  South Korea 

As the campus-wide search for "M" intensifies, Ma Joo-A, Cha Min-Ho, and Seo Ji-Min find themselves drawn into the mystery in different ways.

Ma Joo-A, who has always been content with her simple life and the close friendship she shares with Cha Min-Ho, starts to question her feelings as she becomes entangled in the search for "M." Meanwhile, Cha Min-Ho finds himself developing romantic feelings for Ma Joo-A, but is unsure how to express them to her.

Seo Ji-Min, who has always been confident and popular, finds herself becoming increasingly intrigued by the mysterious "M" and the impact they have on the campus community. As she delves deeper into the search, she begins to form unexpected connections with other students, including Cha Min-Ho.

As the search for "M" continues, secrets are revealed, friendships are tested, and new romances blossom. Will the identity of "M" be uncovered, and will Ma Joo-A, Cha Min-Ho, and Seo Ji-Min find the answers they are looking for in their own lives and relationships? The drama explores the complexities of love, friendship, and self-discovery in the midst of a campus-wide mystery.


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