Dave the Barbarian TV Show free online full

The Wild Adventures of Dave and Company

Animation,Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Comedy  United States of America,Canada 

Sure! In the show, Dave is a bumbling yet well-meaning barbarian who has been tasked with protecting the kingdom of Udrogoth. He is aided by his two sisters, Candy and Fang, who are both strong and capable warriors in their own right. Dave's uncle, Oswald, is a sorcerer who often provides magical aid to the group.

The family also has a pet dragon named Faffy, who is cute but clumsy and often causes chaos with his unpredictable behavior. Additionally, Dave's talking sword, Lula, provides sarcastic commentary and advice to the group.

Throughout the series, the family faces various challenges and adversaries, including a number of recurring villains such as the evil sorceress Queen Zonthara and the incompetent Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy. Despite their differences and frequent mishaps, the family always comes together to save the kingdom and each other.

The show features a mix of humor, adventure, and fantasy elements, making it an entertaining watch for viewers of all ages.

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